Welcome to my Wall of Fame - a vibrant tapestry of partnerships and collaborations that reads like a who's who of industry trailblazers. This isn't just a list; it's a saga of my journey through the ever-evolving realms of development, marketing, and, most thrillingly, growth hacking. Picture me as a digital alchemist, turning raw data into gold, crafting strategies with a Midas touch, and executing them with the precision of a maestro. From coding prototypes that speak the secret language of success to mastering the art of automation, I've wielded every tool in the growth hacking arsenal. Each company name here represents a story of transformation, where my bespoke growth hacks didn't just nudge the needle – they spun it like a top!

Supporting Agencies

In the past and present, I have supported digital marketing agencies in their effort to achieve glory for their clients. Navigating the digital marketing seas can be like trying to find a treasure chest in the vast ocean. That's where I come in, your secret compass and growth-hacking guru, diving deep behind the scenes to rescue Digital and Marketing Agencies from the Bermuda Triangle of stagnation. I'm the unseen hero, lending my expertise to amplify client accounts, especially when conventional digital marketing tactics are about as useful as a chocolate teapot. Together, we'll not only steer your clients towards sustainable growth, but we'll also polish your agency's reputation to a blinding shine and watch the revenue numbers do the cha-cha. Let's set sail and conquer those digital waves!

My kind of Projects & Clients

Embracing challenges has been the cornerstone of my journey, always pushing myself to excel under pressure and succeed. My professional sweet spot lies in collaborating with small companies characterized by flat hierarchies, where decisions are made swiftly and momentum is key. Tailoring my services and skills to small and medium-sized businesses, as well as start-ups, I am committed to nurturing growth and innovation.

The best part? My approach is designed to be financially accessible. With no upfront costs, I take on the bulk of the risk, aligning my compensation with your success by only charging a fraction of the profits generated. This unique model positions me as an ideal partner for small companies and start-ups with big ambitions but limited budgets. They get the benefit of a dedicated expert without the financial burden of a full agency.

While I also engage with larger companies to kickstart internal projects, new ideas, and product launches, my focus is not on conventional digital marketing for established markets. Instead, I specialize in growth marketing for agile companies, crafting strategies that drive tangible results.

White Papers & Case Studies

Brace yourselves, project introductions, white papers and case studies are about to make their grand entrance! This website is fresher than a morning espresso, and I'm currently in the midst of a thrilling game of 'Permission Pursuit' with my past collaborators. It's like a spy mission, but instead of secrets, I'm gathering the coolest stuff to share with you. Stay tuned – the good stuff is coming soon! 😉