Outsourcing / Fixed rate tasks

In the ever-twisting labyrinth of agency work, where time is a luxury and knowledge is king, I stand as your trusty torchbearer. My journey through the realms of agency aid has equipped me with a treasure chest brimming with expertise and experience, ready to be unlocked for your benefit. Whether you're navigating the murky waters of resource scarcity, scaling the cliffs of complex knowledge, or racing against the relentless sands of time, I'm here to lend a hand. With a fixed rate compass in hand, I offer a path free of hidden traps and shifting sands. Let's turn your pickle into a pickle-free paradise, where the only thing you'll worry about is what to do with all your newfound freedom!

Conversion Rate Optimisation - CRO

Ah, the mysterious art of Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) – a digital alchemist's dream! Whether your digital abode is a sleek website, a bustling eCommerce platform, or a content-rich CMS, consider me your CRO maestro, ready to orchestrate a symphony of optimisation. Picture this: I dive into the depths of your digital landscape, eyes keenly focused on every pixel, every click pathway. My mission? To sprinkle a dash of best practices, a pinch of strategic implementation, and a whole lot of A/B testing magic. Why, you ask? To transform mere visitors into devoted customers, to turn curious clicks into cherished conversions. Testing, tweaking, refining - it's not just a process; it's a performance. And the grand finale? A crescendo of leads and sales, a standing ovation for your business success. Let's make your digital platform not just a stage, but a star!

Growth Hacking (Light)

Unleash the power of growth hacking, albeit a lighter version, but no less impactful! In the dynamic world of business growth, where attention is a prized possession and creativity is the currency, I stand ready to infuse your projects with a burst of growth hacking brilliance. Imagine me as your strategic ally in the quest for customer conquests, wielding an arsenal of savvy tactics like Strategic Customer Engagement, Customer Satisfaction Strategies, Customer Retention Management, and crafting masterful Referral Program Development.

Picture this: your AARRR (Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral, Revenue) funnel, not just functioning but flourishing, transformed into a well-oiled machine of optimization. Each stage, meticulously tuned and tailored to not just attract but captivate your audience. With my expertise, we'll not only navigate the seas of customer satisfaction but conquer them, ensuring every customer journey is not just a trip but a treasure hunt. Get ready to have your funnel managed and magnified like never before, turning each step into a strategic leap towards unprecedented growth!

Traditional Digital Marketing Tasks

Fear not the realms of traditional marketing, for in this domain, I am as much a maestro as in the digital sphere! If you find yourself navigating the classic corridors of marketing strategy, look no further. With a hat tipped to the old, and an eye keenly gazing at the new, I bring to the table a feast of expertise in Digital Marketing Strategy, Data-Driven Marketing, Marketing Automation, and a robust support system for Paid Media channels.

Picture this: In the grand theatre of marketing, where every click, view, and engagement counts, I step into the spotlight with a conductor's baton, ready to orchestrate a symphony of success. From the subtle nuances of crafting a digital marketing strategy that resonates with your audience, to the precision of data-driven techniques that turn numbers into narratives, I've got it covered. Add to that the magic of marketing automation, where efficiency meets effectiveness, and the strategic prowess in managing paid media channels, where every penny is a seed planted for growth. In this world of performance and paid triumphs, consider me not just a participant, but your champion, eager and equipped to rise to the challenge. Let's make marketing music together!

Setup Tracking

In the intricate dance of digital analytics, where tracking is the heartbeat of every strategy, a single misstep can turn a waltz into a wild goose chase. But fear not, for I am here to be your guiding star in the vast cosmos of data tracking. Remember, if the tracking is off, everything else skews into a mirage of misinformation. This is where my expertise shines brightest.

Imagine your digital ecosystem – be it a website, a mobile app, or any other digital platform – as a treasure trove of insights waiting to be unearthed. I step in not just as a tracker but as a data detective, meticulously setting up and fine-tuning your tracking mechanisms. My goal? To ensure that every click, every interaction, and every digital footprint is captured with precision.

But why stop at mere data collection? I transform this wealth of information into a powerful tool for marketing analytics, providing you with the clarity and confidence needed for data-driven decision making. Gone are the days of guesswork and gut feelings. Under my watch, every number tells a story, every metric guides a decision, and every insight is a stepping stone to success. Let’s turn your data into your most trusted advisor, steering you away from costly missteps and guiding you towards a future rich with informed decisions.

Marketing Analytics

In the vast ocean of data that engulfs today's digital landscape, many businesses and agencies find themselves adrift, awash in numbers yet starved for true insights. This is where I, your data-savvy navigator, step in. An insight, in my book, is not just a fleeting glimpse but a deep, actionable understanding of consumer behavior, a beacon that illuminates the path to competitive advantage and financial success.

Think of me as your data detective, unraveling the mysteries hidden within your numbers. I don't just look at what's happening; I delve into why it's happening, how it can shape future trends, and what actions can be taken. With me at the helm, you'll move beyond the surface-level descriptives, diving deep into diagnostic analysis to unearth the root causes of your successes and stumbles.

But why stop at understanding the present? Let's harness the power of predictive analytics to foresee the winds of market change, and employ prescriptive analytics to chart a course for future triumphs. From understanding the what and the why to anticipating the what-ifs and steering the ship towards what-should-be, I offer a full spectrum of analytical expertise.

Together, we'll not only decode the story behind your data but also write the next chapters of your success story. Let's transform those numbers into narratives, those insights into strategies, and those strategies into gold-standard results that deliver real, measurable value to your clients.

Development / Coding / Scripting

From the humble keystrokes of CMS mastery to the elegant lines of web-app wizardry, my coding journey reads like an odyssey through the digital age. Starting in the quaint lands of Wordpress, Joomla, and Drupal, where PHP was my sword and creativity my shield, I carved out a niche in the bustling world of website development. But as the tides of technology surged, so did my ambitions. Ruby-on-Rails became my new vessel, steering me into the robust realms of web-application development.

Then came the foray into the bustling bazaars of eCommerce, where Shopify Plus was my playground, and I, a coding ninja among merchants. My code not just built stores but wove stories, turning online shopping into an odyssey of its own.

But my code does more than just create; it strategizes. As a growth hacker, my programming prowess has been the secret weapon behind marketing automation miracles. Creative solutions? Check. Competitive advantage? Double check. Against our 9-5 competitors, our team was a relentless machine, a digital David against corporate Goliaths, making their mission seem, well, impossible.

And sometimes, the most impactful magic lies in the simplest of scripts. Take Google Ads, for instance. A few lines of code here, a clever script there, and voilà – competitors are left chasing shadows, wondering how they're always a step behind. It's not just about building great things; it's about building smart, strategic, and sometimes, deviously clever solutions that keep the game interesting and the victories sweet. So, if you're ready to turn the digital battlefield into your playground, I'm the coding ninja you need. Let's script success, one line of code at a time.