I'm Georg Keferboeck, but you can call me 'G' – it's what my friends and clients prefer, and it's just easier to remember. Hailing from the picturesque landscapes of Austria, I now find myself navigating the vibrant streets of London. For the past 19 or so years. But don't be fooled; my heart often wanders back to the Austrian mountains, my personal playground for all things adrenaline.

As a pilot with a penchant for extreme sports, I've soared the skies with my paraglider, and yes, I've had my share of mishaps. One of my crashes even went sort of viral on Instagram within the paragliding community – talk about a sky-high reputation! When I'm grounded in London and missing my mountain adventures, you'll find me zipping through the city on my track bike. And no, it's not a fixie – there's a world of difference, trust me!

Road cycling is another passion of mine. I've pedaled over every major climb in the Alps, feeling the burn and loving every minute of it. I've even conquered the London to Paris challenge a few times. COVID-19 did slow me down a bit (hello, extra pounds!), making my return to road cycling a bit more, let's say, 'character-building'. But who's in a rush?

Life isn't just about the rush for me, though. I'm a connoisseur of the finer things – from juicy burgers and exquisite Asian cuisine to the irresistible charms of Italian food. And when I'm not indulging in culinary delights, I'm planning my next adventure holiday to some breathtaking destination.

In a nutshell, I'm a man who loves life in the fast lane, but never says no to the sweet, slow moments. Whether I'm soaring above the clouds or cycling through city streets, I embrace every experience with a heart full of joy and a spirit ready for the next adventure.